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      Foundry pig iron industry in the spring Release time:2020-01-10     Time to browse
      The founding conference of China cast pig iron association and seminar on transformation and upgrading of cast pig iron enterprises 。On February 25, 2012, the "founding conference of China cast pig iron association and seminar on transformation and upgrading of cast pig iron enterprises" was held in the China hall of Beijing Nikko hotel.

        The founding conference of China cast pig iron association and seminar on transformation and upgrading of cast pig iron enterprises 。On February 25, 2012, the "founding conference of China cast pig iron association and seminar on transformation and upgrading of cast pig iron enterprises" was held in the China hall of Beijing Nikko hotel.

      Nearly 200 representatives and guests from sasac, the state ministry of industry and information technology, the China foundry association and related departments, the directors of foundry pig iron production enterprises from all over the country, the leaders of China machine productivity promotion center and MCC equipment research and design institute, etc., attended the meeting. The meeting officially began at 9:08. Zhi xiaoheng, deputy secretary general of China foundry association, presided over the opening ceremony of the conference. After introducing the main guests, lang sheng announced that the conference symbolized the beginning of the spring of pig iron industry in China.

        In the morning, the agenda of the conference is mainly to complete the work of "founding of foundry pig iron association". Shao ying, vice President of China foundry association, first read the "reply document on the establishment of China foundry association pig iron branch" of China foundry association. Then, by means of a show of hands, representatives deliberated and passed the work regulations of cast pig iron branch of China foundry association, the self-discipline convention of cast pig iron industry, the composition plan of council of cast pig iron branch of China foundry association, and elected the council of cast pig iron branch of China foundry association. In the following "China foundry association casting pig iron branch a session of the council" on the election of ji 'nan gengchen iron and steel co., LTD. Chairman zhang guolin (the first chairman of the branch) and other 13 members of the "China foundry association casting pig iron branch council" leadership (details are reported separately).

        In a warm applause, zhang guolin, President of cast iron branch of China foundry association, delivered an impassioned performance speech. Chairman zhang highly praised and sincerely thanked the leaders of sasac, miit and cmiac and relevant business departments for their "reengineering favor" to the foundry pig iron enterprise after more than five years of painstaking research, screening and screening, based on the original intention of the state, industry and enterprises for win-win results. At the same time, he sincerely expressed that he would live up to the trust of the industry and fulfill his mission, leading the whole industry to carry out enterprise transformation and upgrading, and to repay the country and the society by actively meeting the environmental protection requirements and the actual actions of producing high-quality cast iron to meet the needs of the foundry industry.

        At the opening ceremony of the conference, director liang fang of sasac industry association delivered a speech upon invitation. Liang director of speech sound, he pointed out from the height of the theory of deep, according to "economic democracy, autonomy management" principle of market economy and the international prevailing industry association rules, by the power model to a service-oriented government in our country's historic transformation process, some original exercise of power by the government will be devolved to industry association, all kinds of industry association will be based on its properties, play the role of industry "boss" came out; Industry association as the "rigid demand" of the development of the situation and will go a long way, industry associations must not only act as leader, and a leader in the industry, or the accused person and a practitioner of many specific issues, such as to promote the market operation, price coordination in health affairs, leading industry resource allocation, coordination of commodity production and product flow and so on.

        The ministry of industry and information technology of the department of raw materials zhang deshen director of the next speech. In his speech, director zhang reviewed the whole background and the whole process of identifying foundry pig iron enterprises. He especially stressed that based on the current situation of China's foundry pig iron enterprises, considering the reality of China's national conditions and the development needs of the foundry industry, it is an unshakable established policy to implement the "dynamic management" of the list of foundry pig iron enterprises. He asked to be identified 145 cast iron enterprises should have self-knowledge, don't rest easy, more don't have the slightest idea, once and for all the technical transformation of production equipment, production technology of optimization, the promotion enterprise's management level, etc, strive to make effective, thus producing the highest quality casting pig iron, at the same time to meet the requirements of environmental protection energy conservation and emissions reduction. He finally reminded everyone to pay special attention to the safety of production.

        Jia chengbing, President of China foundry association, made a speech at the opening ceremony in the morning. Chairman jia from the international to domestic, elaborated the current economic, political, military and social situation evolution characteristics, especially the world economic instability and uncertainty on China's economic and social development. He pointed out that the current "reindustrialization" of the superpower focusing on the real economy and the fact that the industrialized countries control the high-end market all constitute a severe challenge to China's economic and social development. To change challenges into opportunities, it is necessary to deeply understand that the rapid development of "the core of manufacturing" and "the foundation of the four modernizations" -- equipment manufacturing industry has profound strategic significance. As the foundation of equipment manufacturing industry, the current situation of casting industry is "big but not strong", which is closely related to the reality of basic technology, especially the "short board" of basic material quality including casting pig iron. Thus it can be seen that casting pig iron industry shoulders the historic task of promoting the revitalization of foundry industry and equipment manufacturing industry. According to this reasoning, the foundry pig iron association has a long way to go. Director jia earnestly told casting pig iron production enterprises, be sure to bear in mind: in the recognized casting pig iron enterprises head has "implementation of dynamic identification management" "tight hoop". Therefore, it is the wisest choice to examine the gap between enterprises and actively implement the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

        In the afternoon, the conference turned to "workshop on transformation and upgrading of foundry pig iron enterprises", which was chaired by rong lihui, deputy secretary of China foundry association. Wen ping, full-time vice President of China foundry association, first made a report entitled "interpretation of high quality cast pig iron standards and key points of short process casting process"; Then, huang chao, vice President of equipment research and design institute of MCC, made a report on "improving technology and equipment level of blast furnace and promoting sustainable development of pig iron enterprises". Zhi xiaoheng, deputy secretary-general of China foundry association, explained and emphasized the related regulations of foundry pig iron branch.

        At the end of the conference, zhang libo, executive vice chairman and secretary general of China foundry association, took "construction and transformation and upgrading of casting pig iron base" as the basic topic, and elaborated the realistic significance of the establishment of casting pig iron branch of China foundry association and the tasks it faced. Secretary general zhang because throughout to experience the "casting pig iron determination of enterprises" and empathy, so he and movingly problem with "once" tells the story of how "or" -- that the sequence of events of 145 cast iron enterprises and complex and difficult bumpy journey, to hope everyone cherish the hard-won achievements. In order to keep this not easy results, we must not because "was identified" and morale lax, so "put the sword and gun storage, ma nan shan"; But always keep in mind the "dynamic management" this can not be ignored reality, so we must take into account environmental protection, technological reform, energy consumption, pig iron quality and safety production and other aspects of active implementation of transformation and upgrading development. He further pointed out that the construction and development of China's high-quality casting pig iron base depended on the market boost and the industry association's power. As casting pig iron industry of enterprise organization, casting pig iron branch must therefore rely firmly on the member's work contributed to progress in industry, clear association is the "fish", the member is "water" the sex relationship, don't forget "for a" basic principle, the correct guide member and wholeheartedly service as the foundation and development of the association. Because most companies will attend the meeting originally belongs to the metallurgical industry, don't know a great deal of foundry industry things may, therefore, secretary general zhang to introduce you to the development of China foundry association, the working principle and the current situation of some specific work, especially in May 2012, "national foundry conference" held in Beijing, "international casting exhibition" and the industry to promote the "casting" museum project, hoped everybody with the attitude of the new owner, actively participate in and casting association, will be incorporated into this big family, and to make due contributions. The participants gave a long and warm applause to secretary general zhang's speech.

        "A cock is white". China foundry association pig iron branch of the establishment of the conference, like the dawn of the rooster - singing the foundry pig iron industry of the arrival of spring! People have reason to believe that this event has a landmark significance and its far-reaching impact, will leave a strong ink in the history of China's foundry industry.

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